I’m cold and I love it!

I write to you today, cozied up by a warm fire with steaming cup of coffee, admiring the views of snow-covered Colorado mountains. Around here, the temperature stays between 20 and 30 degrees. Around here, it feels like a wintry wonderland.

Back home in the Carolinas, temperatures are finally starting to drop and really bringing in the holiday season I love so much. With a later-than-normal shift in weather and unpredictable conditions, I’ve found myself more reliant on versatile layering. To me, this means a full stock of scarves! In the spirit of snow, I’m sharing three tips for weather appropriate accessorizing.

It’s all in the fabric. If you’re a traveling soul spending winters in sunny Florida, choose a delicate satin or a cotton blend. When you hit the snow, shift your selection to wool blends with chunky knit weave.

red jewlery scarf


Choose the right size. Prior to the temperature shift, I wear an infinity scarf looped once for an easy pop of color. In colder months, I opt for a “big scarf.” To me, this means more length, width, and layering options.

long scarf


Get snug. To keep the cold out and the warmth in, loop an infinity scarf a few times or choose a scarf that’s snug around your shoulders.

houndstooth scarf


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Snuggle up,

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