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Crisp air. A touch of morning frost. The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feat. There are few things I love more than an early morning walk in the fresh fall air. As the weather cools, here are a few ways to relish the new season and continue outdoor workouts (even when the temperature drops!)


Get up and go.

If you’re comfortable in the cool, opt for an early morning walk to experience the bright colors of a fall sunrise. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of pre-noon sun to spark energy for the day and develop focus. (If you need a bit of time to wake up, choose a mid afternoon time for a walk. Remember – the sun goes down a little earlier in the late fall months, so get your walk in before dark!)


Practice Safety.

In the morning, you might find yourself beating the sun. Alternatively, if you’re taking a mountain trail, you might find a cloudy mist inhibiting your ability to see. Practice workout safety with a flashlight or reflective vest in the darker fall mornings.


Layer accordingly.

My go-to, outdoor outfit: a long sleeve shirt, snug capris, and a light vest. As I move through the walk, my body warms up and the layers come in handy! Choose fabrics that are light weight and sweat wicking (think cotton and polyester blends for best outdoor performance).


Are you ready to enjoy these next few months of cool weather? Prepare for your mornings out with a few of my favorites!

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