The snowy winter brings with it incredible shades of color – some soft and delicate and others bold and vibrant. As the sun sets in snow covered mountain tops, varied shades of purple and gold rise up from the shade. Against the warm tones of tall evergreens, icy blues and pale pinks seemingly paint the sky. A sunset in the snow – it is my favorite view of all.

Inspired by winter, we’ve used the soft pastels in our sleep and loungewear. You’ll find pale pink robes, soft lavender sleepers, and cozy blue slippers. In addition, the forest green of the tall evergreen trees inspired the color ways for several sweaters and robes. Below are a few pieces inspired by shades of winter. Click directly on the images for more product information!

What are you favorite shades for winter? Share with me in the comment section below!

Stay warm,


3345_main-1479312280 7025_main-1479312227 10600_main-1479312224 sweater

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