My husband calls them suitcases. I call them purses. Sure, I carry some that are oversized (slightly) but I make use of every square inch.

So what do I look for in the perfect bag?

  1. Pockets: I carry so many tiny items. From chapstick to travel hairspray, car keys to cell phones – I always need pockets, even in my smaller bags.
  2. Strap options: Sometimes I prefer a handheld bag. More often than not, I opt for a shoulder strap. The absolute ideal bag has a choice between the two!
  3. Closure: Especially when I’m in the city, I love to securely close my bag. With the option of keeping my wallet and phone secure, I’ll choose a zipper top over open tote any day of the week!
  4. Beauty: Let’s be real. I want to walk out of my house with a functional and fashionable bag. My eye is normally drawn to neutral colors and vibrant textures.

Stop by next week to find out what’s in my “suitcase.” In the meantime, shop some of our options for all of your precious cargo!





two in one pursesaddle bag

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