Sunday is Mother’s Day, which usually means you will be spending time with someone dear. On this day, it’s a tradition to give mom a break from her busy schedule, and treat her to something special. For many, there is a good chance that brunch will be involved. Here are a few options should a special meal be part of your Mother’s Day. Even better, treat yourself and your mom to these flattering styles, and she’ll be singing your praises for being the best-dressed women at brunch.

  1. You can’t go wrong with a pretty crinkle floral dress.









2. Go classic and comfy with soft flowing challis pants.









3 A beautiful blouse with a coordinate skirt or pant.









4. A versatile and effortless two-in-one sweater.









5. Add some fashion accessories with an Artistry Jewelry scarf







Happy Mother’s Day! Take a pic with your mom and share it with us!


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