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Snap coats, robes, leggings, pajamas…sometimes, they all seem to run together as much as the days we seem to be spending them in lately. After all, is there really a difference between “sleepwear” and “loungewear,” if we can do both in either?


As ladies’ fashion has evolved in recent years, it’s not uncommon to now see women running their errands in things like sweats, leggings, and comfy-looking tops in heather or stripes–then choosing to spend their downtime in the same comfort. These types of garments would typically fall under the loungewear category: cuddly-soft separates that feel appropriate to wear both in public and at home relaxing, with comfort as a main contributing factor. And, while this may look like yoga pants and off-the-shoulder sweaters today, the concept is nothing new. As far back as the early 1700s, the “dressing gown” served the same dual-purpose in the Middle East, worn mostly by the upper class as a special garment for leisure before making its way around the rest of the world in differing forms.


As loungewear continues to evolve, it’s popularly enjoyed today in bouncy, soft fabrics like cotton or modal, with a hint of stretch here or there depending on the desired look and feel.


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Sleepwear, on the other hand, has the tendency to be worn more at home than not: pajama pants with bold prints (cats, dogs, hearts, etc.) or plaid flannels, for instance. With features like notched collars, cowl necks, and side-seam pockets, sleepwear is generally crafted with the purpose of being non-constrictive and breathable, yet warm enough to help regulate body temperature to help with getting a good night’s sleep. The clothing type has come a long way, evolving along with fashion but with different influences, such as utility-based styling and personal preferences (more at These days, there are so many types of sleepwear that it can be hard to choose (help at, but there seems to be a little something for everyone, for every time of year.


As pajamas continue to evolve, big designers aren’t sleeping on the increased interest of their styling, and we might just witness a trend similar to loungewear.


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Of course, there are no hard lines, and either can reflect your sense of style, but both should make you feel your best, wherever you are.


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What are your favorite types of garments for R & R and ZZZ’s? Share in the comments below!


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