Styling a complete outfit is more than practical these days, it’s so much fun. There are so many cute post displays out there. Mixing, matching, and coordinating different garments, down to shoes and accessories, has become a regular pastime for many women. This is surely how I choose my outfits these days. National has joined in on all the coordinating excitement.

This week was not so dissimilar in that I thoroughly enjoy learning what the buzz is in the fashion marketplace. I was reminded how far we’ve come as women with what is “customary” to wear and how to style our outfits.

While this endearing and informative article on entitled, “Clothes Make the Woman: 1940s Style on Display”, is reminiscent of an earlier time and mind-set, I, for one, am happy with modern advancements! I’m sure you would agree ladies.

Loving the classics, I enjoy reading that there has been a relaxation of sorts, speaking of a ‘new more free, American look’ as highlighted in the article. Do you ever research what the media is highlighting on new trends and how they are compared to yesteryear? I am always intrigued with the history of fashion.

Today, I’m thrilled to bring you styled outfits for the new season, exclusively by National. I know you’ll just adore these trends and best of all, we’ve done all the work for you!

So, let’s remember from whence we’ve come, and cheer for the new road we’re paving! It’s a revolution – well…a revolution of Comfort & Style right here at National! LOL

Keep it Stylin’,


Saint Lucia Floral Skirt

Spring Blossoms Embroidered Jeans

Side Button Sweater

Side Tie Top

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