Wednesday Recipe Series

Next up in our Wednesday series, a healthy play on a favorite dish. We’re pretty fortunate in Wilmington to have access to fresh caught local seafood on a daily basis. Every Monday, Hatton and I make our way to Mott’s Channel Seafood to survey our options. Typically, we snag a couple of tuna steaks and a big piece of hognose snapper – if available. But, one of our favorite splurges? A full pound of beautiful, locally caught shrimp.

Motts Channel Seafood

Motts Channel Seafood Display of Goodness

We’ve prepared shrimp in a number of different ways: sautéed in ghee with a splash of garlic, boiled in beer (yes it’s a thing), or simply pan fried with sesame oil and some crushed red pepper. But, when I’m craving a full asian twist on this oceanic delight, I turn to garlic, coconut aminos and a heaping dose of bok chop.

Below is the recipe we’re tackling today. What is your favorite preparation of shrimp?

Shrimp with Bok Choy Stir- Fry


Bon appétit,


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