It’s back-to-school week here in Wilmington! For parents around the area, easy dinners are top of mind (especially after the wild joy of packing lunches 5 days in a row)! I’m a sucker for a great pasta dish; recently, I discovered black bean rotini at Trader Joe’s! Time to put that goodness to use.

Tonight, I’m trying a new version of baked rotini thanks to this recipe from Healthier Steps. Instead of a tomato based pasta sauce, I’ll be using a creamy, vegan cashew sauce.

I’ve been working up a list of easy, healthy meals and sharing them right here every Wednesday. I have a couple more weeks of goodness coming your way. Anything in particular you’d like to see? Comment below for a meal you’re craving, and I will source my go-to recipe for you!

Easy Vegan Rotini Pasta Recipe

Five Minute Cashew Sauce

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