Last up on my back-to-school meal list, an all time favorite….chicken fried rice. 

When I had my sweet baby girl, I had to ditch soy from my diet thanks to a newborn with MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance). I’ll be honest – I didn’t even know that was a thing until I was up all night with a screaming baby who couldn’t seem to keep down anything I fed her. When I cut dairy and soy from my diet, I was extremely sad to say goodbye to delicious chicken fried rice (but thrilled to snuggle a content and growing baby girl).

Meet the next best thing: chicken fried rice made with a delicious soy sauce alternative, coconut aminos! Coconut aminos are a liquid made from the aged sap of coconut blossoms and have about 65% less sodium than regular soy sauce! This particular recipe only takes a few minutes (and some extra chopping) to pull together. Its savory ingredients and loaded veggie base will delight and nourish all members of your family!

Whole30 Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice




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