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It is easiest for me to fall out of my active routine during colder months. I prefer to stay under the covers for a few minutes longer before facing the cold. However, this year especially, I have found myself craving a little extra movement. Maybe it’s the unusual cold we’ve seen on the coast or the recent house-bound week resulting from ice and snow. Whatever the reason, I am ready to warm up and move!

Here are a few tips and tricks for staying active and alert in the cold:

  1. Start the day with warm lemon water. Warm yourself up from the inside out with this easy treat. Lemon supports detoxification and serves as a great source of energizing Vitamin C.
  2. Stretch after showering. Allow your body to warm up in the shower, and offer your muscles some love with gentle stretching (again, only when your muscles have had some time to warm up!)
  3. Consider restorative and regenerative workouts. Yoga and pilates are both wonderful and restorative practices for the winter months. With focus on strength and flexibility, these are ideal for the season!
  4. Get a dose of fresh air. Layer up and take a 20 minute power walk outside. It’s worth it!

Read more yoga tips from Jeanne Heileman and share your tips for staying active throughout this season in the comment section below!

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