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Growing up with extended family nearby, I was never without a date for Valentine’s Day. Whether my dad was taking me to dinner or my grandfather wanted a lunch buddy, I looked forward to a special day with family and friends. Then…I went to college.

My first Valentine’s Day without family was surprisingly sentimental. I went through my normal class schedule, not giving much thought to the date. Upon finishing up the day, I came home to a large box from “Cheryl & Co.” I opened it up to find an array of heart shaped cookies iced in pink buttercream with a note….from my grandfather. 1800 miles apart, Georgie still managed to get a Valentine’s to my door. And of course, not just any ol’ Valentine…a massive box of about 50 cookies. Enough for me and my friends!

Today, the tradition continues. On Valentine’s Day (and all the holidays in between), my sister and I receive boxes of cookies from Cheryl’s and share the bounty with our friends. While the card is a little different now – a sweet note one love and encouragement from our parents – the thought means just as much.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s gift traditions? Share them with me in the comment section below!

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