With the warm weather approaching, vibrant batik prints will take center stage for the season. Inspired by the art and craft of traditional batik our prints are brought to life with bold colors and creative patterns. The leaf shape brought to life with surrounding dots is reminiscent of the time-honored batik patterns. Basically batik is a dying technique that uses wax to create patterns before the fabric is dropped into the dye— the results are beautiful color combinations. Our designs are inspired by this process. Wearing these fun batik-inspired prints lends an air of far-away lands and exotic travel to any sunny day.

What exotic land would you like to visit wearing these batik prints?

Challis Batik Dress - http://www.shopnational.com/p/Challis-Batik-Dress?trk=

Challis Batik Dress – http://www.shopnational.com/p/Challis-Batik-Dress?trk=

Batik Print Shirt - http://www.shopnational.com/p/Batik-Print-Shirt?trk=

Batik Print Shirt – http://www.shopnational.com/p/Batik-Print-Shirt?trk=

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