To escape this week’s summer heatwave, Mom and I traveled to the North Carolina mountains. The 65 degree weather has me feeling Fall all over and eagerly awaiting the cooler season ahead.

Especially when I travel by air, I carry a small travel purse that can tuck easily into my suitcase (and therefore not count as a “personal item” at check in!) For safe keeping of my belongings, I search for a crossover bag that fits easily beneath my arm and closes with either a zipper or button.

In preparation for weekend getaways, I’m sharing our favorite travel purses – ideal for carrying your most delicate items through an airport and easily stowing away in your suitcase when it’s time to fly! Look out for these beauties on the web – coming soon! 

Check back right here on Wednesday for more of my packing light tips, and until then…dream big of your favorite vacation destinations (and send them my way in the comment section below!)

Cheers to adventure,


DSC04078 DSC04082 DSC04096 DSC04110

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