I love traveling. There is something magical about walking with a suitcase in one hand and boarding pass in the other. Lately, I can’t seem to get enough.

Between one work trip and a long weekend vacation with my husband, I’ve hopped on five flights in the last seven days (in fact, I’m writing this from a plane!) Thanks to wild weather in the South and varied climates at my destinations, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing this week (and my husband eluded to the importance of applying those lessons on a future trip!)

Here are my top five picks for packing well:

  • Casual comfort makes a plane ride perfect.
    • My go-to plane ride outfit includes a pair of cowboy boots paired with compression socks or hosiery, loose fitting jeans or leggings, a long tunic and a jacket (for possible chill on the plane!)
  • Cross-match outfits.
    • I’m known for bringing some wild color and patterns into my wardrobe, and I continue that into my packing. Keep it simple in your suitcase with a couple patterned pants or shirts, and single color matching tops and bottoms. Find patterns that work well with black, and in coordinating pieces, you’ll ensure a sleek monochromatic look alongside your fun prints. (Hint: for extra flair, pull one color from the patterned piece and select a matching shirt or bottom. Almost all colors pair well with black, so you’ll have plenty of outfits with just a few pieces of clothing)!
  • One set of silver & one set of gold.
    • It’s easy to take a full jewelry box and shove it in your suitcase (is that just me?) A girl after my grandmother’s heart, I pile on the costume jewelry for day and nightwear. In traveling for both work and fun, I’ve learned to select one statement piece, a couple bracelets, and two coordinating pairs of earrings – one silver, one gold.
  • Minimize the shoe count.
    • Shoes take up the most space and add weight to your luggage. Keep the count to a minimum. One pair of tennis shoes. One pair of black flats. One pair of camel flats (sometimes the camel flats can suffice for black and brown outfits if light enough!). Maybe a pair of boots if you’re in a cold weather spot (and wear the bulkiest shoe on the plane to make room in your suitcase!
  • Just a scoop goes a long way.
    • If you are headed out of town for a couple weeks, I recommend bringing along one baggie of powder detergent. Just a dab in the sink will give you plenty of washing power – if you need it!

From our activewear line, these pieces make the best travel companions! Cheers to the adventure life!



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