Here in Wilmington, a cold front moved in overnight dropping our temperatures from a delightful 73 degrees to a crisp 52. Our oldest daughter shrieked when we let the pup out this morning, quickly realizing her summer dress was no longer going to work in this “new” season (it takes a while for the beach to get the winter memo).


But National’s pajama and loungewear sets offer layered comfort perfect for a morning cup of coffee outside. (Yes, I am a sucker for cold weather and will bundle up as much as needed to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine.) These cozy pajama pants come in three print options – pugs, dachshunds or cats. Of course, I opted for pugs – one of my favorite dogs (and sadly golden retrievers just weren’t an option). And of course, I’ve wrapped a few pairs of cat pajamas for some friends (who shall remain nameless and thus surprised)! The UltraSofts picot tee is great for all day wear and a wonderful complement to my flannel pajamas. If I need just a bit more warmth, this cozy lounge jacket is the ideal addition (and another suited for day wear).

Parker's Loungewear Picks Parker's Loungewear Picks Parker's Loungewear Picks

Which pajamas will you add to your closet this season? Share your favorite cozy options with me in the comment section below.


Wishing you a “warm” weekend, my friend.




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