Corduroy Shirt at

Corduroy Shirt at

Corduroy is a great fabric for fall!  There are plenty of stylish ways to wear it! Here are some tips to consider.

ONE AT A TIME– Avoid over doing corduroy, and wear only one piece at a time.

TRY A STRETCH CORDUROY FABRICATION– This makes corduroy even more comfortable. The touch of spandex makes it so comfortable, and helps to retain its shape.

KEEP IT COLORFUL– Spice it up a little and try something like a purple or wine.  Colors look so rich in this fabric.

TRY IT IN A PRINT– printed denim is all the rage, so why can’t the same go for corduroy? Pair a printed corduroy shirt with denim for a classic look.

GET THE RIGHT FIT– The key is to stick with modern, flattering cuts. Stay away from flared bottoms or oversized styles. As with any plush fabric—too big can look too bulky.

PLAY UP THE TEXTURE– Another tip to wear corduroy stylishly is to experiment with textures. Try mixing a corduroy piece with a textured sweater, denim, or a silk blouse.




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