Perhaps you’ve seen photos of our newest National family member…Timmy, the Chief Puppy Officer! It’s hard to believe he’s been a part of our family for a year now. In celebration of his adoption, I chatted with Mom about her favorite Timmy tid bits. Read our interview below!

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  1. What encouraged you and Michael to adopt Timmy?

The encouragement to adopt Timmy came from Parker! When Parker, who works remotely part of the time, would come to Lexington, she would bring Jasper, her Golden Retriever to work. Everyone fell in love with him and decided we should have a “ company dog” for our 65th anniversary . So I asked my husband, the researcher in the family to find a dog that was Italian – in memory of my Dad (who loved everything Italian, but was NOT Italian) hypoallergenic, sweet-natured and smart…the all-around ideal office pup. After a few months he found that the AKC had recently accepted an Italian breed called Lagotto Romagnolo – and he checked all the boxes!  So we went to Atlanta to Two by Two Lagottos, picked him up, and he rode home in Parker’s lap. (Even though he was trained to ride in a crate, one trip home with the Swanns and crates were no more!)

  1. What’s a day in his life like?

His day starts with a short walk, breakfast – mom’s coffee and another walk. He lays under my dressing table while I get ready for work…never moving because he is terrified of being left.  As soon as he sees me dressed and ready, he runs to the back door. He waits eagerly in the garage for his car door to open and loads up in a flash – tail wagging. I think Timmy is more excited to go to work than most people! At work, he stays in my office and even has his own “couch” (a dog bed…but don’t tell him that) with his name on it.  He lays there until we have meetings, all of which he attends! He is the only employee allowed to sleep through meetings, of course. Weather permitting, we usually go uptown for an outdoor lunch and walk around Main Street.  We often eat in breakroom with our co-workers – where he gets the most attention. After his workday, he enjoys dinner at home and a long walk. Then, of course, it’s time for bed…and he’s ready!


  1. So he truly is a National dog! What do you think he loves most about coming to work with you?

His favorite job is working upstairs in our photography studio getting his picture made for the website or the catalog because Spencer, our photographer gives him treats! What he loves most about work is EASY- we have 160 co-workers that love him and freely offer rubs. Sometimes people will come in my office and say “I am having a hard day- could I just rub Timmy?” He is ALWAYS willing. He is truly a National dog – he belongs to everyone here – he just goes home with me.

  1. What are some of your favorite quirks – truly Timmy characteristics?

Timmy has many “ unique” characteristics, but I think they are breed-specific perhaps and not just Timmy. If you read about Lagottos, it says they have a “sense of humor” – which we thought odd. How can a dog have that? But he does! When he wants attention, he will go get our favorite thing and drag it in front of our face and run back and forth until we do whatever it is he wants at the moment. Out of 160 co-workers, he has figured out the best cook. If he gets loose – out of 250,000 square feet – he runs straight to Belinda’s office and finds her lunch! He is very athletic and can out swim any dog – even my brother’s hunting dogs! He also “ talks,” our folks say. He has a specific bark to go out, another to warn of intruders, another to play and another when it is mealtime and I am working and lose track of time. I have never had a dog that talked to me.

  1. Let’s be honest. Has he ever been mischievous?

All Lagottos are mischievous! And they never outgrow it. Sometimes I can’t find something, like a top, and Timmy will have taken it and hidden it – totally unharmed – but he thinks it is cute. I usually do not, as I am trying to get ready for work. As a puppy, he ate seven Bibles from my husband’s study. We never figured out why he left all of the other books…I suppose it’s good Michael had several!

  1. A true Smith then! What do you think he loves the most as a part of the Smith and Swann families?

I think Timmy loves being part of everything our family does the most. When he isn’t with me, he goes to my husband’s law office where he is equally loved by his clients.  On the weekends, we go to the North Carolina mountains where he loves to hike and swim. Lagottos were bred as truffle hunters, so they have great noses. He can smell a deer or bear very FAR away and is always on the lookout. He loves visiting our children and their dogs, my brother’s farm, and most of all – National! What dog would not love being rubbed by 160 people? Someone said to me recently, Timmy won the lottery when he was adopted into the National Family. Actually I think it was a win for all of us.



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