While we are a small North Carolina town, we have incredibly stunning “skyscrapers” lining our main streets. Today’s edition of For the Love of Lexington takes us on a tour of some of Uptown Lexington’s landmark buildings.


Each one  unique in structure, makeup, and overall feel. Each with its own individual detail and beauty. And yet, collectively, these buildings are the centerpiece of our town.

I didn’t grow up around marquis lights, bustling nightlife, or the loud honks of passing cars. Instead, I played in the front yard of the Presbyterian Church. I crossed the street from the Lutheran Church to play on the jungle gym of the Methodist Church. I ran down the long aisles of the Baptist Church, ducking in and out of pews as if it was my own personal playground.


Throughout my childhood, I dreamed of “the city life.” I longed to live in the shadows of bright lights and true skyscrapers. And in my adulthood, I chased that dream…only to find my heart longing for the cityscape of my youth.

Today, I walk the streets of Lexington and notice my childlike heart finding solace in the shadows of these skyscrapers and sensing gratitude for the adventures each one provided. These churches fostered my dreams for more and opened their doors when all I wanted was home.




Come visit us, and find your home on the steps of our skyscrapers.


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