Every Christmas morning, after seeing what Santa dropped off the night before, my sister and I galavanted up the road to my grandparents’ house for Christmas breakfast and presents! Of course, my sister and I eagerly anticipated opening up our perfectly wrapped gifts from Gaga and Georgie, but more than anything, we looked forward to our stockings.

My grandmother spent so much time on those stockings – filing them to the brim with oranges, chocolate bars, two comic books, a bottle of perfume, and sparkly trinkets. She was so diligent and methodical in what she chose, so opening that stocking felt like a little glimpse into how she loved us..carefully selecting things she thought would make us smile. Stockings were never the afterthought for her – they were the best part of Christmas.

Below are a few options you can choose to create your own magical stocking. What else will you include this year? Tell me more in the comment section below!

Happy gifting,


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