…for iced tea!

In the Swann home, one tradition stands strong at every brunch, lunch, and dinner during spring and summer months. My great-grandmother, MawMaw Lanier, had a special iced tea recipe that has graced our family tables for decades. Today, I’m sharing it with you!

  • Start with a strong base of Lipton Family size tea bags (my Mother recommends 5). Boil enough water to fill half of a glass pitcher, pour over, and allow the tea bags to steep for at least 10 minutes.
  • Add sugar to taste (here in the South, we add a cup. Switch to Truvia for a healthy sugar substitute).
  • Fill the pitcher with one half tea mixture, and to the other half, add Tropicana Pineapple-Orange juice. Stir to blend.
  • Pour over ice, and enjoy!

Below, find a few garnish options for MawMaw’s tea (or your own favorite recipe!)


One strawberry, halved and placed over the rim, alongside a thinly sliced orange.




Thinly sliced grapefruit, round and added to the top.pineapple tea 3



One quarter of a sliced pineapple, then halved and placed on the rim.



Do you have a favorite twist on sweet tea? Or a family recipe you’d like to share? Comment below and tell me all the sweet deets!


Cheers y’all,


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