Tis the season to wrap up tight in warmth and color! In addition to our jewelry scarves (pictured above, and the perfect stocking stuffer), we’ve expanded our selection to include new textures, prints, and colors for fall.

When choosing the perfect scarf, consider three things:

  1. What level of warmth do I need? If it’s a chilly night, grab the textured and thick scarf for another layer. Scarves of all sizes pair well with trench coats or large wool pea coat styles.
  2. What kind of collar am I sporting? If you’re considering a cow neck or turtle neck, opt for a thin accessory scarf or infinity scarf. If you’re wearing an open collared shirt, consider a large scarf to drape for added warmth (and a statement!)
  3. Am I opting for simplicity or pattern? If you’ve selected a solid color outfit, consider a brightly colored or patterned scarf. And, alternatively, if your outfit has plenty of color but you still need warmth, find a solid color scarf to complement it!

What are your favorite styles of scarves? Click on the images below to find some of mine, and share your must-haves with me in the comment section below.

Happy fall,


crochet printed-pashmina twisted-chain

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