My work colleagues call me a hippie. My friends call my tote-around bag my “medicine cabinet.” And my home now smells like a full blown green house. So, what’s the scoop?

Well, I’ve eluded to these beauties in the past. Developed from floral seeds and herbs, essential oils are 100% pure grade oils utilized as homeopathic medicine. The treatment uses are seemingly endless, so after hearing enough success stories (allergy relief, sleep support, pain management and beyond), I decided to give these smelly goods a go!

Upon doing significant research on essential oil brands, I stumbled upon Young Living, an essential oil producer and merchant that launched in 1993. To begin my journey with essential oils, I selected the Everyday Oils collection. In it are several single oils (Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, etc.) and oil blends created to support overall health. While I love them equally, there are a few that never leave my side.

Lavender: This single essential oil has drastically improved my sleeping habits. A few drops on the bottom of my feet each night, and I’m out like a light!

PeppermintThis guy has made a lot of appearances over the winter months. My husband uses it for sinus pain relief, and I diffuse it frequently for digestion support.

Thieves: Thieves is a proprietary blend developed by Young Living to support a healthy immune system and fight bacteria. Throughout December, it kept the colds at bay!

Joy: Just a few drops of Joy on my wrists each morning, and I maintain emotional balance all day long. This is especially important for individuals who struggle with sleeplessness or anxiety.

PanAway: Headaches, back pain, neck tension…this little guy is a powerhouse blend! Just one to two drops at the site of pain provides a few hours of comfort and relief.

Our medicine cabinet has had an overhaul. Our house cleaners are now homemade. And neither me nor my husband can fall asleep without our diffuser on full blast. In short, we are fans of the oily life!

Curious about other essential oil remedies? Check out this handy guide from Young Living. (Be sure to consult a physician and read all usage instructions before starting a regular essential oil program).


Have an oily day,




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