The smell of outdoor fires warming the evening. Strolls atop the crunchy leaves lining our neighborhood sidewalks. A light layer of flannel tied around my waist, just in case. The sites, sounds and smells of fall warm my heart and compel me to love North Carolina even more than I already do. It is a season of family connection, a dose of football on the weekends, and long strolls with our sweet baby girl.

The National team has added to the comfort of fall with a brand new selection of footwear for the season. Today, I am sharing my favorite styles of clogs with you! As a busy working mom, I appreciate the style, ease and comfort of a clog. With a knee surgery and back surgery behind me, I love the added cushion and support this collection affords. Click on the imagery to read more about each product. Which clog is your favorite?

Stay comfy,



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