As we approach the New Year, it’s the perfect time to reassess your closet and develop, what I like to call, the common theme. Whether its your style or your color choices, building a closet on a common theme allows you to easily choose your outfit for the day and, if need be, shop simply for coordinating pieces.

So, how do you make your way to a minimalist closet? Follow these four simple steps!

  1. Know your style. Whether you opt for classic or a bit on the trendy side, purchase pieces that reflect your style and choose accordingly.
  2. Choose your color way. If you’re anything like me, your eye drifts towards black and white everything. Choose simple base colors and coordinating solid colors that fall within your favorite color way!
  3. Add in the shirts! For a true minimalist closet, start with a few skirts and/or pants. Then, add in about twice as many shirts. For example, with three pairs of pants and six different shirts, you can have at least 18 different combinations.
  4. Select pops of pattern. To break up the monochromatic look,  accessorize your outfits with a colorful scarf or patterned cardigan.

Ready to get started on your minimalist closet? Click on the images below!

9975_main 11399_main 16841_main 17625_main

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