Every year, we spend our Thanksgiving holiday with family in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. And every year…we walk Dotson’s Nursery to find the very best Christmas tree for our home. For years, I’ve envisioned celebrating this special occasion with little ones by our side. This year, after a very long wait, we introduced our daughter to our favorite family tradition.

We are not the family that selects the first tree in sight. We are the family that takes a tiny six month old child to the very top of the hill in pursuit of what will be her very first tree. My husband makes certain all interior branches are healthy, green and full. I do the 360 degree review for possible gaps in branches, fullness in coverage, and general quality control of course. And…after a lot of walking (and curious glances from our daughter)…we’ve found it!

Whenever I watch the nursery owners cut down the tree, I stumble back into childlike wonder…excited for tree trimming to come and memories that will be made beneath the soft glow of our tree. This year, that wonder feels all the more palpable as we introduce our daughter to new traditions.

What are you excited to celebrate this season? Share your traditions with me in the comment section below!

Cheers to Christmas,

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