I can’t lie – I always wanted to have a Leap Year birthday! As a child, the thought of celebrating a birthday every four years seemed so incredible (and of course, a birthday with such rarity had to mean that each celebration would be a mega party!) While the concept seemed perfect, the history of Leap Year is a bit more scientific than epic birthday parties.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Leap Year came as a solution to a small issue that – if not managed – would develop into a much bigger problem. At the root of Leap Year’s addition to our calendar: the number of the Earth’s revolutions around its axis does not equal how long it takes for our planet to circle the sun! So – what does that mean in English? The solar calendar year (i.e. sun up, sun down) is 365.2422 days long. Cumulatively, that creates an issue. To make it all good again, add a day every four years and bingo!

Do you have any Leap Year traditions to celebrate the gift of an extra day? Share them with me in the comments section below!

Enjoy this special day,


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