douglas alaskaJuly 4th, 1912, Douglas, Alaska

July 4th is so much more than an extra day off of work, extended holiday for Americans.  It is a time honored tradition spanning centuries. It pays homage to a period in history – not just a day – when America gained its freedom as free and independent United States.

The Continental Congress declared its independence on July 2nd, 1776. While the Declaration of Independence was not signed until August, it’s final draft was submitted and circulated on July 4th – thus becoming the day all would celebrate.

For many year after the initial vote of independence, July 4th was not a frequently celebrated holiday. In fact, Congress did not recognize it as an official holiday until 1870 – almost 100 years after the signing of the Declaration. With fractured politics and the rise of new parties, the recirculation of the Declaration pushed July 4th into a more notable and celebrated holiday that continues today as the most patriotic celebration of our nation.

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Happy Independence Day, my friends!

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