It is official, I’ve been inspired. Now that we are truly feeling the effects of springtime, I tend to look everywhere for all things abloom. While I may not have a “green thumb”, I enjoy watching those who do, gear up for planting their vegetable gardens. What great patience and skill it takes to follow the weather and learn the precise time to plant certain veggies for the perfect harvest. Reading Parker’s resourceful blog this week entitled, Starting Now for Later really inspired me. There is much to prepare for and joy to feel from this spring gardening activity.

This got me thinking of beautiful gardens full of gorgeous blooms. As a young girl, I loved strolling through the botanical gardens in New York City. I would allow my imagination to fly away in the soft breeze as I sat on a bench, pretending to have tea with girlfriends. The sweet aroma of beautiful flowers was heavenly. This week, I found a delightful article in Country Living entitled, 18 Garden Party Ideas for the Ultimate Spring Celebration. Ladies, you have to click through the slideshow. It’s the season for tea parties in the garden for sure!

Well, the inspiration continues. On National’s website the possibilities are endless. Boy, did I have fun gathering spring styles just for you. The spring and summer fashions that National features this season will totally inspire your own gardening state-of-mind. Whether you are planning to have a garden full of delicious veggies, a garden of beautiful blooming flowers, or planning your very own garden party, National has the perfect spring and summer styles especially for you! What kind of gardens will inspire you this season?

Keep Blooming,


Floral Garden Jacket

Floral Dress

Embroidered Stripe Tee

Sleeveless Ruched Dress

Rollaway Sun Hat
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