In the past week, we’ve been blogging about gardening and the variety of harvests that come along with it. Bloom. Blooming. All things abloom. Ladies, we ourselves are a beautiful creation of someone who has bloomed. We are living images of movement and flow. I dare say, we have hiked up the steepest of mountains, we’ve swam the lengthiest of oceans, and still we stand.

We are seasoned and now it is our time to dance. The harvest of our personal gardens have grown to be the most beautiful and comfortable centers of self ever imagined. We have planted the seeds, they’ve grown, and now flown. “How ever would we get there?”, we wondered? Well, we did it ladies.

That being said, do we dance enough in celebration of this exciting, new phase of life? I, for one, am determined to twirl, swirl, spin, and kick up more than I ever have. My living room has become my personal studio [LOL]. I started thinking, “there must be more people that feel as I do”. Guess what I found? This is an awesome link to an inspiring book, Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond, which is about creating dialogue about dancing regardless of our personal trials and triumphs [because that’s what is today, a triumph].

We need all that comes with the dance. I say cool, breezy, comfy, and flowy clothes. How I love to move freely these days. Especially in spring and summer styles. We deserve timeless fashion that moves with us, don’t you agree? The work’s been done, and we have seen the fruits of our labor, so now…WE DANCE.

National makes it too easy to capture the movement of easy, classic, spring and summer styles. Beauty at its best, designed with you in mind. I started your collection below. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to find your groove and get it back-I’m getting mine. When will you exhale?

Keep Dancing,


Floral Kimono
LVS Collections

Side Button Skirt

Lorelei Lace-Up Blouse

Los Cabos Embroidered Blouse

Striped Pants

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