There’s no need to sweat or fear, National is here. Ladies, I am sure you can recall at least one occasion when you thought you’d just die from the steamy, sticky, and sweaty results of the summer heat. Have you found yourself in a pickle, without air conditioning in 90+ degree weather lately? The very thought of this situation brings on a sweat session!

Last week, I tripped a breaker in my kitchen because I had too many things plugged in at one time. You guessed it, an older home, but very charming, i have to say. You gotta love it, right?  Oh, did I forget to mention I have the oh-so lovely privilege of ongoing ‘private summers’? I recently discovered this expression for “the change”. I told my gal friends we should start using it! LOL Within this new midlife, there are many rewards, but ladies, let me tell you, I have some serious perspiration issues. Please tell me I’m not alone! Fortunately, National saves me every time I gear up to dress up this summer.

Now is the perfect time to dress in your favorite summer cooling dresses and sassy sandals. But, the “stickies” are always soon to follow. National has the perfect ‘beat the heat’, cooling intimates. So, let your summer wardrobe foundation be full of wicking and cooling to keep you dry all day.

Here are a few selections to wet your appetite (no pun) for summer! 😊

Stay cool,


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