To the majority of the world, yesterday is known as “St. Patrick’s Day.” To all of us at National, it’s one more day to celebrate…with food!

Every year, we celebrate our favorite green holiday¬†with a full buffet of ‘taters and chili. The continued excitement around this day led to a renaming of St. Patrick’s Day. Introducing…Tater Day!


broccoli and cheeseBroccoli & Cheese Tater: Add steamed broccoli and grated cheddar as soon as the potato is out of the oven for a savory and delicious option.



Spicy Tater: Chili, cucumber and garlic make this potato unforgettable! A detailed recipe to this goodness? Right here.



Creamy Spinach Tater: Eyeing a healthier option? Try this spinach topped potato for lunch or dinner.


Whether you’re feeling spicy or savory, greens or cheese (or both), find your favorite tater day with these easy recipes. Have one you absolutely love? Send it to me at!

Happy Tater Day!

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