Friends, it’s hard to believe – but we’re already halfway through the first month of the year! Now is the ideal time to ask: how are those resolutions coming along?

If you just took a deep breath and let it all out in a sigh, I’m with you! Instead of feeling inspired, a list of resolutions often weigh me down. Today, I’m sharing three quick tips on moving through resolutions and tracking towards your goals…with progress and energy!

  1. Aim big. Our goals are meant to cause butterflies. When we pick something easy, we trend towards complacency. Think about it. If you pick something really big and don’t accomplish it by the end of the year, what are all the things that happened in between pushing you towards it? I am willing to bet….all the things are awesome.
  2. Write it down. Something magical happens when your pen hits the paper (or hands hit the keyboard!) What was once an idea in your head gains validity, power, and possibility as it finds space on the page. When you zero in on a goal, put it on paper and place it somewhere you’ll see it daily (bathroom mirrors for the win!)
  3. Break ’em up. Aiming big is good. Picking a few is great. Each month, choose a few goals to center on. Then, review the four weeks in front of you. Choose one for the first two weeks and the second for the last two weeks. Each day, choose one thing – even if it’s a five minute thing – that contributes to that goal. Over time, you’ll track some serious progress!

What goals/resolutions/intentions are you pursuing in 2016? Share them with me, and let’s journey together!

Goal on,

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