Recently, I had the privilege of connecting with Sylvie of Sixty and Not a Granny. She has tremendous style and fantastic insight. Read more from our most recent influencer interview below!

It’s a new year and a new decade! Do you see any styles from previous decades making a comeback in 2020? If so, which one(s) are you most excited to implement in your wardrobe?

We are going to travel back in time, from the 70s to the 90s, to arrive in 2020 fashion trends. The bohemian style straight out of the 70s signs and persists along with long dresses, printed pants, and lace blouses for a vintage spring-summer. This season, head for the essential 90s with the baggy pants and a bustier top. And a 2020 fashionista will wear oversized blouses and midi dresses for a colorful summer.

Do you do any “spring cleaning” in the New Year to make room or to simplify your closet? What is your overall strategy in deciding what to keep (i.e. what are some classic staples you rotate year over year)?

I like to keep pieces able to create a versatile look, like casual or elegant. I have a busy life, so I want pieces simple to combinate easily.

I did two looks with only three pieces from the ShopNational collection! I composed two comfort outfits, one casual with their UltraSofts Mock Neck Turtleneck with Flat Front Pants, ballerinas for daily routine, and the same set with high heels to go for a gourmet dinner in a luxury restaurant. I just added a scarf and changed the shoes. 

One look for two different events. I love it!

I keep comfortable pants, tees and a lot of trench coats. I like oversized clothes or comfortable, with some room just in case I put on weight 🙂 These items are my basic wardrobe.

I encourage always to clean the closets. Don’t keep clothes you don’t wear. Give or sell them to “breathe.”

We’re starting to see that transition into spring in stores around town. What pieces do you carry from winter to early March/April? (any particular colors, patterns, etc.)

Trench coats, black, grey and beige. Black dresses with long sleeves wrinkle-free, a mix of breathable material, a lot of tees in Pima cotton, pants in bamboo fabric, and I keep my scarves. I like clothes with soft fabric. I like the UltraSofts collection with UV protection from ShopNational! It is my fashion “philosophy.”  My shoes are mostly boots.

I like black, beige, with some touches of green, white, pink. 

What is your FAVORITE fashion moment from 2019?

I am thinking about what happens in the fashion planet in 2019:

The research into specific sustainable materials like organic cotton, Tencel, for example, had grown.  Responsible denim and durable sneakers are also among the most popular products.

-The gender-fluid  “unisex” and “without distinction of sex” has inspired the creators and brands in line with the values ​​of these “woke” consumers.

-Influential personalities of 2019 have inspired the fashion world. An example: Meghan Markle.

After she wore five different shirt dresses on the royal tour of South Africa, searches for that category increased 45% in one month, reports Lyst. The Club Monaco dress was sold in less than 24 hours and the J. Crew skirt worn by Meghan has contributed to a 102% increase in searches related to this brand.

 “Incredible, right?”

fashion influencer sylvie

Sylvie De Gil of “Sixty and Not a Granny”

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