When my grandparents picked me up for our weekly Saturday outing, I could be found running amuck in our front yard with no shoes and absolutely NO socks. Ever. Typically, my parents shrugged it off as “typical wandering child syndrome” (a made-up diagnosis intended to describe those footloose and fancy free types of children…i.e. me). So, the truth? I loved bare feet! In the sand, sun, and snow I relished the ground beneath my toes.

Fast forward to my late twenties and life as a newlywed. I had no idea what to expect from a male roommate! The day after our wedding, while packing for our honeymoon, I noticed something extremely unusual about his “around the house” dress code. Regardless of what he wore (shorts and a t-shirt or long pants and a sweater), he always had on socks! The never ending “why aren’t you wearing socks” question (which I thought was a part of my past) found its way back into my daily conversation. Curious about all these sock lovers in my life, past and present, I have questioned the need for socks all the time. Five years into marriage, here’s what I’ve learned:

chevron socks       cable knit socks


1. One pair of socks does the body good!

By wearing socks throughout the day, your body is 50% warmer. Wearing them around the house is a quick and easy fix to temperature changes…in any season!

2. Trouble sleeping? Cozy socks will do the trick.

I learned early on from my husband that a night without socks leads to some restless sleeping. Wearing socks to bed has proven benefits in individuals who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep!

3. Have socks. Will travel.

love traveling, so much so that I keep alerts on my computer for special travel deals…just in case an irresistible opportunity comes along! After enough plane flights early in my career, I learned the importance of traveling with great compression socks. These beauties are now my staple socks for daily use!

4. No socks? No shoes.

Another learning out of marriage: no socks = stinky shoes! Socks absorb sweat and keep your shoes from developing (highly questionable) bacteria. Avoid the shoe cleaning and grab socks instead.

5. Socks make for pretty feet!

Something else I received from my grandmother? Circulation challenges in my feet and legs! Socks support circulation and lead to brighter, healthier feet (often a smidge rosier in color than feet that traverse life without socks!)

Start the New Year off sweet to your feet…and get socked!


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