Little known fact – since August of 2015, I have suffered from a spontaneous and unexpected outbreak of eczema. I never experienced it as a child – and I have to say, it is not something I ever thought I would deal with in my adulthood. I tried a series of lotions, new soaps, and all the other homeopathic remedies.

Then, I discovered lotion – made with honey!

Honey House Naturals creates incredible lotions that moisturize effectively without irritating skin. Available in different types (including lip balm!), Honey House products are long lasting, wonderfully (and naturally) scented, and perfect for home and travel. What I love most – it’s another family business built on passion and authenticity!

Honey House Naturals got its start in Puget Sound, Washington. Founder Ruth Willis maintained a bee hive to support her family’s backyard orchard. Without honey to take to a local market, Ruth saw the value in utilizing this liquid gold for even more than sweetening up cuisine!

Recognizing the moisturizing capabilities of beeswax, Ruth developed the first Bee Bar to support a friend in need of help for her dry skin. And from there – the rest is history…plus an array of products for all skin types. Click on the images below to review some of my favorite products, and experience the sweetness of relief for yourself!

Here’s to healthy skin in every season,

bee bar gift jar tube

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