I remember the first few months of my sweet daughter’s life….and what little sleep we caught with her every-two-hour wakes. Thankfully, she got better at sleep with age. Unfortunately….I did not.

Perhaps I became so accustom to her wake-ups that I naturally stayed alert – waiting for her next cry. Maybe it’s my tendency to scroll photos of her after she’s sleeping or catch up on my grocery list. Whatever I stumble upon to distract me from deep sleep, I manage to successfully trim away at precious minutes of sleep that I definitely need!

Here are a few habits I’ve recently put into practice to better prepare for a full night’s rest. What are some of your bedtime routines? Share your tips with me – I need them!

Stay rested,


  1. Bedtime tea. Each night, about an hour before bed, my husband makes me a cup of warm and calming Bedtime tea. I look forward to enjoying each sip of this luxurious tea!
  2. Lavender oil. Whether through a bath, diffused in our room or directly applied, lavender oil always makes its way into my bedtime routine. I like to add a few drops to an epsom salt bath or apply a couple drops to the bottom of my feet just before bed.
  3. Clean face. I love climbing into my soft cotton sheets with a clean and moisturized face.¬†Without question, I must rid my face of “the day” before bed! I use a small amount of my Honest face wash and apply a nighttime moisturizer from Beautycounter.
  4. Pretty bed. Yep. We make the bed…every single day. There is something calming about slipping into a neat and tidy bed. We do our best to put away laundry and keep the clutter clear, as well. Cleared out room = cleared out mind!
  5. No devices. This one is hard for me, but we’re trying each and every night to shut off our phones and switch to a good book or magazine before bed. It is easy to get lost in all the noise on our phone, but the calming nature of a good read brings sleep along much more quickly!

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