The tradition I can always count on from the Swann family: matching pajamas. Every year! This gift has been a staple in our family for so long, that I cannot remember the year it began. (And in my opinion, “unknown origin” is often the sign of a great tradition!)

On Christmas Eve, Mama Swann gathers us in the living room and passes around the annual themed pajamas (which she chooses based on the year’s events, of course). From penguins to swans to warm and toasty plaid, we rely on these fresh duds to carry on our holiday spirit and have been known to practice a pajama galavant in them! Available in all shapes and sizes, the tradition now reaches our husbands and fur babies. Whether or not the boys volunteer, tradition requires everyone to participate! When the pattern is not available for men, Mom manages to get the job done by purchasing a similar color pant and matching shirt. And of course, we capture the joyful memory in front of a beloved Christmas backdrop.

To share this Swann tradition with your loved ones, click on one of the many luxurious styles below. And send your family photos to muumuu@shopnational.com. You just might see your family on Facebook!

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Merry Christmas from all the Swann elves!


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