With Spring around the corner, it’s never too early to think about UPF-protectant clothing for the season ahead.   

UPF clothing (also referred to as “UV clothing”) is specially designed to screen out both UVA and UVB rays.

UPF 50+ is considered excellent protection. This is rated according to the ASTM D6603.

Did you know that all of our UltraSofts® products incorporate excellent UV protection? You can choose from an array of silhouettes and bright spring colors without sacrificing the critical importance of UPF clothing.

As spring approaches, I have started the hunt for a great “in between” weather layering option. Below are four of my favorite ¾-length sleeve options, all in bright and cheerful colors for the upcoming season. Layer with athletic clothing for a casual look or denim jeans and black slacks for a more “dressed up” version.

Which one is your favorite?

ultrasofts shirt

UltraSofts® Button Detail Tunic

UltraSofts Pearl Top

UltraSofts® Pearl Neckline Top

UltraSofts Ruffle Shirt

UltraSofts® Ruffle Hem Tee

UltraSofts Floral Top

UltraSofts® Floral Cutout Top


Stay sun-safe,


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