Two weeks ago, I decided to take my daughter outside for some fresh air. Within about 10 minutes, she was pink…VERY pink. I could not believe it. Despite my sunscreen lathering and a big “baby” hat, my sweet little angel got a sunburn! I called my mom for some advice and she reminded me thatĀ allĀ of us need a good dose of sunscreen 15 minutes before we are in the sun.

Our little outdoor adventure got me digging into some research about how to best protect ourselves from sun damage. Here are a few ways you can prepare for the outdoors as the weather warms up!

  1. Wear a hat – and make it a big one! Cover your face from the sun with a wide brim hat. Make sure you’ve still applied sunscreen, and keep added protection with a bit of shade.
  2. Remember that rays come – rain or shine. Just because the sun has disappeared behind a cloud does not mean you’re in the clear! You can still get a sunburn in cloudy weather. Apply sunscreen anytime you’re in the outdoors for extended periods of time.
  3. Apply SPF 50 or above. In my research, I found out the best protection comes from SPF 50 and greater. Starting with SPF 50 gives you a great base and guards against harmful rays that can cause skin damage.
  4. Take breaks from the sun! Try and find a moment of shade and enjoy a reprieve from direct sunlight when you can.

How do you take care of your skin in the sun? Share your tips with me in the comment section below!

Stay sunny,

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