I just completed my second workout since Monday – inching closer and closer towards my goal of getting out of my office chair and into some form of motion four times a week! In recent months, balancing work + mom life (still learning as we go, over here), I found it difficult to commit to a routine or workout program. Ultimately, my muscles tightened even more, convincing me I should avoid workouts all together.

Turns out, movement is good for some relief!

Increased motion supports blood flow to tight muscles and improves overall serotonin levels through increased endorphins and energy release. Even better, you don’t need a 90 minute gym session to achieve these benefits. Even a 30 minute stretching class will support overall muscle strengthening and promote healing.

Some of my favorite (indoor) activities for these sweltering summer days include indoor cycling, pilates, yoga, and barre. Outdoor favorites? A 20 minute walk followed by (indoor) stretching – the best combination for a quick mood boost and pain relief.

What are some of your favorite summertime workouts? Share them with me in the comment section below!


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