1. Pretty prints – Stripes, polka dots, color blocks, confetti, tribal, graphic, graffiti, and of course floral. If you wear prints that look too big for your body frame then they’ll overpower your figure which will make you look small and fragile. Don’t forget to have fun. Go bold and bright!

2. The Swim Dress – This style has a retro look. Plus it provides excellent coverage and modesty.

3. Slimming swimsuits – Thanks to all the new shaping and technology built into swimwear to give you that slimming look. Also, look for swimsuits with ruching or shirring in the area you’d rather not show off.

Tips on print scale:
• If you’re average to plus size, opt for medium to large prints.
• Vertical medium prints if you’re a full-figure petite.
• Small prints if you’re petite


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