August is here (already?) and I think it’s safe to say most of us are feeling the heat! – Wearing the right types of great-fitting clothing helps to keep cool and feel better—but beyond that, there are some great wardrobe tips and tricks that I’ve found actually make a difference. Luckily, National is offering some great options for these to help keep cool this season. Here are some of my favorites:



This sleeveless Picot Knit Tank by UltraSofts® feels especially great when the heat rises. Nine out of the ten colors it’s available in are lighter colors, which deflect more heat—and with its UPF 50+ rating, it makes for a great everyday shirt during the hotter months.

womens tank shirt

Knit Tank by UltraSofts®


It’s what’s beneath that counts—and barely-there comfort never fails! This 18 Hour Cooling Comfort Wirefree Bra by Playtex® supports you keeping your cool, with silken cups that feel great and wick away moisture all day long.


18 Hour Cooling Comfort Wirefree Bra by Playtex®


Crinkle cotton fabrics – try in a muumuu style. You won’t regret it. This Santa Fe Border Print Dress is a great choice because the drape feels worry-free and offers ample breathability and room to move, letting you feel fantastic even on the hottest of days.

crinkle cotton dress

Santa Fe Border Print Dress by National®


Be level-headed keeping your cool under a UV-protective sunhat. But make sure it’s a breathable one, like in straw, mesh or airy fabrics, so that body heat can still escape. This Beach Basics Hat has a shady 4” brim and is available in white to deflect even more heat.


Beach Basics Hat by Sun ‘N’ Sand®


At the end of the day, catch some cool zzz’s in these short-sleeved Moisture-Wicking Pajamas by Najerika Lingerie® for a better night’s sleep and a renewed, refreshed morning.

womens pajamas

Wicking Pajamas by Najerika Lingerie®


What are you wearing to keep cool this season? Share with us in the comments section!


Beating the heat,




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