When I’m galavanting around in summer months, I opt for relaxed summer style and no-fuss hair! While the resurgence of braids have taken the fashion scene by storm, these quick and easy up-dos have long been a part of my hot weather routine.

Below are a few of my absolute favorites. How do you style your hair in warmer months? Whether you cut it short or sport an up-do a day, I want to know! Share your go-to in the comment section below.

Happy styling,


The Dutch braid crown

Create traditional braids in the lower corner of the temple and either tie in a loose knot in the back or pin together for a braided crown look. This is easy to wear half up and half down for a night out or day time (no fuss!) summer style.

half up


The multifaceted French braid

While we’re never too old for pigtails, this style lends itself to a variety of looks. Create two traditional French braids and leave down as pigtails. Alternatively, loop the two and bobby pin for an etherial up-do or tie together with a hairband for a low braided bun.



The full braided crown

Move the majority of the front pieces of hair to one side, and pick up two small pieces at your hairline. Twist them to the top pieces moves to the bottom and bottom piece moves to the top. Add hair to the lower strand. Twist them again and continue the technique around your head, adding hair to the lower strand and then changing the position. continuing this technique all the way around. Make a rope braid and twist the two strands to the left around each other to the right. Secure the ends with a small elastic and hide the end under your hair with bobby pins.



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