The heat is on and you are sizzling-Let’s beat the heat together in the best of comfort and style. I am always excited when I know we will be getting some consistent summer rays, so I can show off my toesies! It’s the perfect pedicure weather, wouldn’t you say, ladies? The styles of summer sandals are both versatile and so much fun.

With all the summer dress styles to complete our warm weather outfits, the possibilities are simply endless! I love to pair with my light, sundresses. What favorite summer outfits do you pair with your sandals?

Here are some of my favs:

Valarie Mindi Sandals

Stella Suzanne Sandals
Earth Origins®

Marilyn Sandals

Delana Venna Sandals


From grocery store runs to glamorous evenings out on the town, let National lead the way to step into the ultimate of comfort and style.

Here’s to your Happy Feet,


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