I have a confession to make. While spring has sprung, I’m in a summer state of mind. It is that glorious time of year to start thinking of coastal style creations, ladies. Picture the scene – bright blue skies, beaming sunshine, the scent of sand and sea, lounging in a comfy caftan with a wide-brimmed hat and oh, let’s not forget the most important feature here—you guessed it, a tropical drink to set the mood. I say, Vivé el Verano (translation: Live Summer). LOL

If I had it my way, I’d live on the beach all-year long. I mean, who doesn’t love beach life? Now is the perfect time to plan that trip to the beach, soak in the rays, and press pause on the hustle and bustle. Okay, while we still have a little time, I say we start looking for the best in spring and summer styles. I’m thinking cool cover-ups and caftans. National’s new spring and summer collections feature some of the most beautiful summer loungewear I have ever seen.

Tropical loungers will be perfect for all of the summer beach destinations I am adding to my list. Oh, that reminds me, have you seen Parker’s blog post this week, “Welcome to the Carolinas’? It’s a super vacation resource for summer 2019.

For summer southern comfort and cool summer evenings, I created a collection to get you in the mood to pack for a warm vacation. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous palette below. I can hear the steel drums now. The beach is callin’ my name, ladies! What summer destinations are you planning this year?

Happy Summer,


Calypso Caftan

Sunburst Batik Lounge Dress

Tropical Getaway Lounger

Keilani Floral Lounger

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