With winter weather upon us in the Carolinas (actual snow!), I’m bringing you a different part of my closet – my coffee closet! Yes, I have a part of our kitchen dedicated entirely to this delicious goodness (and a fair amount of counter space!) My ideal coffee bar holds these must-haves:

Bean grinder: I take my coffee black, so the fresher…the better! To get the best flavor in my mug, I grind a new batch of beans every morning before making a new pot. With the right piece of equipment, this part of the coffee process is quick and easy.

Paper filters: Great filters are a must have for the just-right-cup. “Clean” paper filters support in eliminating chemicals from your brewing station, thereby leaving you with all your cup should hold: delicious caffeine!

French press: Sometimes, if I make extra time to linger over my coffee, I’ll choose to use my french press instead of my everyday coffee maker. It’s a bit more time consuming and meticulous…and so worth it!

Just the right mug: With the perfect coffee on its way, the ideal mug is crucial to morning enjoyment. Ranging from simple pottery to traveling coffee maker to sparking monograms, I’ve selected my sipping favorites for you to peruse. Pour yourself some warmth, and click on your favorite for more details!

1638-DEFAULT-M aqua mug  monogrammedglass


PG9003-0017_fullphoto mug

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