As summer gives way to the cool night breezes of fall, I find myself reaching over the coffee table to light a candle…every night. Something about its soft glow and soothing aroma maintains a calm in our home – even when our schedules indicate otherwise. I suppose the habit is a nod to my childhood.

One thing I could count on when walking through the doors of my parents’ home: the calming scent of (at least) two beautiful candles, one in the entryway and another in the kitchen. The inviting smell of gardenia and magnolia is a staple in our home during every season.

Candles add such warmth to a home and are an important part of how we’ve styled our southern charmer. For ease of reach (and scent), I keep one small candle in our bedroom, a second in our bathroom, and two more in the living room. If guests are joining for dinner, I add a tray of tea candles to the dining room table for some extra light and a welcoming ambience. They make for an easy and relatively inexpensive decorating option for all occasions.

The scent preference in our home varies by season. As we approach fall, my husband is already in Christmas mode…begging to light our favorite Christmas Wreath candle. In an effort to hold out until October, we choose from an array of transitional scents reminiscent of fresh baked cookies and changing leaves. Ideal aromas for the fall season include pumpkin, cinnamon, and vanilla. If you’d like to maintain a fresh and light feel to your home, opt for citrus infused candles with hints of orange, lemon, and mint. For a delicate reference to florals (without overpowering your home), gravitate towards gardenia, geranium, and rose scented candles.

Curious what’s in the Wilson home? Click on the images below to find what’s aglow in our living room, and share your favorites in the comment section below!

With love (and lots of candlelight),



Thymes: Fraiser Fir




Rewined: Sangria and Champagne





Produce: Rhubarb





Votivo: Honeysuckle


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