Just because the Summer days are coming to a close does not mean your travels must! Throughout the next few weeks, I will share some of my favorite Fall travel spots in the Carolinas (thinking falling leaves and empty beaches….sigh. Perfection!)

Today, I’m talking road trip prep – with style! The Wilson clan enjoys a solid road trip, so when I pack for a weekend away, I opt for comfort, simplicity, and minimal pieces (well, that last one is more for my husband’s sake…so we can fit everything in the car!) My typical list includes:

1. Denim jeans (wear at least twice)

2. Comfortable crops for hikes or beach walks

3. The basic white shirt (tank or long sleeve, depending on weather)

4. A simple maxi dress (normally cotton or a season neutral material)

5. All the rest! (read: one pair of flats, one pair of cowboy boots, tennis shoes, and a couple scarves!)


With my top five, I can create multiple outfits with ease. To make the packing truly a cinch, I use one of my favorite totes (which lovingly doubles as a beach bag!) Click on the images below for similar options, available at ShopNational.com. Happy trails, my friend!


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