Does anyone else need some serious relaxation after this week? – With the constant barrage of information, the ongoing stress of everyday life and the uncertainty of times ahead, I’ve found myself somewhat reeling this week, in need of quiet space, apart from the noise. One of my favorite ways to unwind is through loose leaf tea (always crafted by my amazing husband). We typically purchase all-natural loose blends from our favorite shop in Blowing Rock. Recently, however, I stumbled upon an amazing local spice store that affords me the opportunity to create my own blends suited to my tastes and needs.


Below are three recipes, one of which is a bonus link with additional tea blends based on time of day. Designed to support calmness, these blends are great options for any time of day. Each link highlights the ingredients and added benefits of those selected. Which blend will you try this week?



DIY Stress Relief Tea – Davida, “The Healthy Maven”



Calming After-Dinner Tea – EMILY SUNWELL-VIDAURRI, “Recipes to Nourish”



Sunset Tea – Daniel Durrant, “Mountain Rose Herbs”



Steep some happy,


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